Wow, wow, wow…

Probably one of the most emotional and honest programs I have watched in a long time. Some of you reading on here may have been one of those bullied at school, as I was. There are obviously several different levels of bullying and I am not comparing my experience to Hannah’s, however it does resonate strongly. Kids are horrible, teenagers especially, quick to react and say things without thinking of the consequences. This series helps show those consequences.

Mild Spoilers may follow.

The Story follows a boy, Clay Jensen, who obtains a box of tapes which contain on them 13 Reasons why Hannah Baker committed suicide, and follows his journey as he listens to them gaining new insight to the people in his town. The suicide scene itself was a particularly violent depiction of wrist slashing and is not for the faint hearted. My wife had to turn away from the screen.

This doesn’t happen until later in the series though and by this time you feel in utter despair for the poor girl and what she has gone through.


The strongest part of the series is the script, however the cast themselves are a very close second. Some real excellent performances through the whole cast with even the lesser supporting roles helping add to the harrowing tale. One of the things I like is how the characters named in the tape all cope with the slow unravelling of their plans with Clay seeking justice.

It is no surprise that the series has become a hit on Netflix. (Side note, as Netflix themselves never disclose viewing figures it is difficult to gauge how well as series performs, but i just needed to take one look at my Facebook timeline over the last few weeks to see how many folk had already watched it before me)


The subject matter is extremely controversial. A school guidance councillor that I know was wary about the series due to further ‘normalising’ and ‘glamourising’ of suicide. A further point she made was the series stance on the other characters causing her to commit suicide lessens the selfishness of the act.

If anything it has served to open the debate up further and if younger people become more aware of problems and know it is ok to speak out, then it has at least helped in that regard.

One to add to your lists.