No sooner has Resident Evil: The Final Chapter ended one RE Franchise on a whimper (I say that, but it pulled in around $312m, I just thought it was shit) than Variety are reporting news of a reboot coming out of the Cannes Film Festival. There, the Constantin Film board
chairman Martin Moszkowicz confirmed that the German studio is developing a 6 movie Resident Evil series reboot. No cast or creators have been confirmed at all.

For me, this is exciting news. Given the recent swing back to action/horror movies aimed at adults, the idea of a Resident Evil reboot gives me hope of going back to the story’s roots and sticking way more closely to them. Some of the locations
from the game could be given the time they deserve, with a whole movie dedicated to The Spencer Mansion, a couple for Raccoon City and even one set aboard the Queen Zenobia. The characters could be done more justice as well, especially if they stick to the
established game ones and their arcs, and be given a chance to recast for better accuracy. For example, I like Wentworth Miller I just don’t see him as Chris Redfield. Also, there could be some good TV series’ out of this as well, that link into the movie
universe. This would allow for a much deeper exploration of the outbreak, and could use stories from Raccoon City such as from the Outbreak game or even Operation Raccoon City.

Anyway, I’m rambling. The point is, this could be the Resident Evil franchise we thought would never happen. It could also be another fantastic let-down. Either way, I know I’ll be watching every single one of them in the same way I did
the current one. I think it’s like when other guys drink beer, they keep on drinking them in the hopes that one of them will actually taste good for once.

Also, Resident Evil: Vendetta comes out this week, the 3rd CG animated movie that links directly into the game series. If you’re a fan of the games, I strongly recommend the previous two films, Degeneration and Damnation. Here’s
a preview from Vendetta, it looks pretty sweet!