James Cameron’s latest has been generally bashed by critics and with the second wave of reviews being logged with Rotten Tomatoes it is currently sitting with a 49% favourable rating.. pretty well split down the middle. General consensus is that visually it is excellent, but story let’s it down…

So, it was up to the fans to come out in force to fight back, a la Venom which last October opened to terrible reviews but the fan base got behind it and it performed exceptionally, ending up at $855 Million worldwide.

Early box office figures for Alita puts it at an opening weekend of just $25Million, which, based on comparable films and projecting means it could finish with a very low US Domestic total of only $50-$60Million.. awful for a film which cost $150-$200 Million to make.

Worldwide will have to be its saviour, with China now being the key market at the end of February.