File this under news that splits the FCPN camp.

The Independent announced today that production on Avatar parts 2 and 3 has been completed.

The sequels to the 2010 film, and still all time leader in box office takings finished shooting it’s principle photography in November last year which makes the announcement surprising as the release date is not until December 2020 and you would think that the amount of post production required would be immense.

Although parts 2 and 3 are ready to go the anticipated parts 4 and 5 are on hold for now dependant on how the sequels are received. With it being 10 years by the time the 2 arrives in cinemas it will be interesting to see what staying power the franchise has.

Time will tell if the independent has got this wrong as with two years to go there is a lot of time for pickups and alterations to be made.