Morning all,

This was released last night but never got round to posting it as we were all at the cinema watching Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (Check out Podcast episode 113 to see what we thought of that)

I have to say, initially when this was released I HATED the idea of it.. yet another ‘Hollywood remakes a TV series from my youth’ film and as much as I love the rock, I wasn’t sure he was right to do this. Fast forward a bit and the initial trailer was released and I soon realised that it wasn’t as bad as I feared.

The latest trailer is classified as a Red Band Trailer – for those of you that do not know the terminology, Red Band Trailers include scenes or phrases not suitable for kids.

The more I see about this film, the more I am looking forward to seeing it. Might not quite get to the cinema, but it is one that I have on my list.

Check it out below.