Create Together With The Perth Podcast 

As promised, here’s a summary of what Ian and Stobbie covered during the workshop.

Theme tune written by talented local music teacher Jason Blyth

Presentation Slides


These are the resources the guys use to record and edit podcasts. This doesn’t mean you have to choose them, there are plenty alternatives out there is the our host of choice for two reasons:

1) It’s owned and hosted by Spotify

2) It’s free!


Most of our podcast is edited by Stobbie at home. He’s been using Audacity since 2016 and it’s been free and reliable the whole time. 

Auphonic is great for volume levelling before you release your episode.

Zencastr is perfect for remote interviews. Your guest doesn’t need anything except a PC or a laptop, headphones and a microphone. No complicated software or knowledge needed.


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