Day 17 and by now we hope you have found a new podcast or two to listen to in 2019.. From this site it is probably very apparent that some of our favorite things are comic book movies. 

Looking through all the podcasts on the BritPodScene website I noticed Comics in Motion and as it focussed in on all media related to comic book movies I just had to give it a go… boy I was NOT disappointed..

Weekly Comic Book Based Media reviews, Two friends Dave is the Comic nerd and Chris the Film/TV geek

Dave and Chris are our two hosts on this show and have an excellent rapport through the first few episodes I listened to. Dave has an amazing in depth knowledge of the comic book origins of the characters and can help analyse things from a different perspective than people like me, the ordinary cinema-goer..

The term “In Depth” is interpreted in its truest form when it comes to reviewing the movies – check out the first 3 episode lengths..

1 – Superman (1978) – 2 hours 24 minutes

2 – Superman 2 (1980) – 2 hours 56 minutes

3 – Black Panther (2018) – 1 hour 41 minutes

It was a fair few work commutes to get through these but even the near 3 hour Superman 2 episode didn’t feel that long.

There are a few shorter episodes like Episode 41 – The Dark Knight  (69 minutes) or Episode 31 – Wonder Woman (62 minutes) for those who are interested in checking them out.

A fantastic show with two excellent hosts featuring my favorite subject… count me in for the long haul. 

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Brit Pod Scene 
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