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My Podcast listening in 2018 has been extremely limited (thanks to Fresh Talk taking over 8 months of it.. haha) so as part of the Podcast Advent, I wanted to go out into an area that is not very mainstream (for some..) A podcast that I only started a few weeks ago was the Lisa-Ann Experience.

The Lisa Ann Experience is a weekly adventure featuring provocative guests, stories, and insight, taking you on a journey in a way only Lisa Ann can.

Starting here on Soundcloud, I scrolled back to find episode 1 and start from the beginning to find only four episodes were available… so straight into episode 53 I went and worked backwards…

Honest, Frank, Explicit and Exciting are only a few of the words I can muster after the first couple of episodes were listened to. From the Podcast title I was hopeful on a small bit of insight into the adult film industry but I was BLOWN AWAY by how open the conversation was.. 

53 is split into two parts with the first 30 minutes being live from Exxxotica in New Jersey talking to Nicolette Shea about her work and being in the industry. The second part is Lisa retelling a story about how an app company were screwing over the actresses with pushy contracts and how she used her business savvy to get the better of them (Bravo!)

Mailbag is a frequent segment of the shows and the audacity of people to email her the things that they do is horrifying.. Lisa in an amazing show of strength calls out these idiots who proposition her and puts them in their place.. 

Something new on this podcast that I encountered was trying to access the full back catalogue. (I am sure that other podcasts also do this, but with Itunes and Podbean making up the majority of my listening I was unaware of this) Free episodes are listed here on Art 19, but in order to get the complete collection you have to head over to the Gas Digital Network and sign up to get more. 

Definitely something new to listen to, an excellent show that I will continue to listen out for going forward and one I would recommend to everyone else looking for something a bit different from their podcast listening.