Nearly there folks, and thanks for reading so far. We hope you have found something new to listen to this month.

Day 23 brings us the first new podcast we brought into the Fair City Podcast Network.

An Old Hipster, a Rookie and Tyrod Taylors biggest fan discuss all things NFL related.

Steve of our own Fair City Podcast (and master of the #steveboard) was encouraged to go and do his own passion – American Football. Bringing in two of his workplace friends to form the trio of chaos they bring weekly roundups of the games and off field stories in their own strange ways.. usually containing a verbal #steveboard.. (his typing skills in messages are atrocious) or a horrendous faux pas, such as the time he wanted Shaquem Griffin to single handedly take over a game.. picture of Shaquem below.

Not his finest moment, nor was farting at the end of Episode 26…

Stu’s thoughts: The AFCast features three work colleagues/friends/banter merchants as they look at the news and results coming out of the NFL. Steve, Andrew and Gav bring their own inimitable style to a podcast that features team and player news, fantasy advise, game reviews and, more recently, betting options for those wanting to have a flutter. Accessible to newcomers to the sport as well as hardcore fans, the lads inject humor and personality into each episode, from Andrew’s injury reports, Gav’s inexplicable adoration of Tyrod Taylor and Steve’s unique verbal breakdowns, that regularly leave the guys in fits of uncontrollable laughter.
Highly enjoyable, informative and easy to listen to, queue this podcast up asap and join them exploring the ins and outs of the gridiron.