Ok, so we cheated a little.. but an Advent Calendar is about the 24 days leading up to Christmas Day, not the day itself…

It’s us today! Merry Christmas!

Well, where to do we start.. There have been many highlights in our 12 episode journey so far but on a personal basis I think I am jumping straight into Episode 5 with Giles from the Film Makers Podcast (also Day 1 of our Advent)

A network that is designed with the intention of helping anyone (individual or business) start their own podcast, headed up by a show that discusses podcasting behind the scenes with others in the industry

That was probably the moment that I knew I wasn’t horrendous at podcasting. It helped loads that Giles himself was an amazing guest and we had a great laugh throughout – the final time clocked in at 1 hour 30 mins, but felt like only 45 chatting through everything.

Other podcasts that have joined us for interviews are “The Celine Dion Podcast” and “Round Earthers Society”, plus we have had two local special episodes with TableTop Scotland host Dave joining us to discuss the first ever table top gaming convention in Scotland alongside Ben Thompson a local filmmaker discussing his upcoming film “The Ghost of Me and You”

The core podcast theme for the first few episodes was to interview other podcasters about their shows and what got them into podcasting in the first place. Where we go from here is anyones guess with the Network expanding to have Steve jump off to run The American Fitbaw Cast, bringing in A Bloody Mess to the fold and a new podcast joining early 2019 “The Science of Fiction” where @dstobbie is joined by @bargtheogre and their incredibly intelligent friend Professor Doctor Mister Duncan Forgan to discuss sci-fi subjects and their possibilities in reality.

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