Morning Everyone.. 76 days to go.

A bunch of Avengers: Endgame promo art has surfaced online. Not entirely sure how official these are (it was scooped up by, and Marvels own pages don’t seem to be showing them..)

Anyways, the first one is the important one, as it is the first proper glimpse at our heroes in their movie gear. As with all films Iron Man gets another armour upgrade/new paint job, this time with some silver shoulders and more gold around the legs. Captain America is closer to his comic book origins than I remember seeing in any film yet with the ‘feathered’ armour design.

Thor is mainly hidden, but is in full Stormbreaker mode. Widow has gone back to red hair in this pic rather than the blonde of Infinity War (that time travel thing seems more and more likely with each nugget of news) and Hawkeye turning into Ronin, is in a very dark set of clothes.

The biggie in pic one however, is Hulk. Sporting full clothing (which was teased months ago in leaked promo art) suggests we might be back to a full Banner/Hulk hybrid like in Thor: Ragnarok.

Let’s hope we get some more confirmation of this soon, hopefully in the form of a new trailer.