Avenger’s Endgame is currently on track for some dominating numbers at the box office on it’s opening weekend.

Stateside it took $60 Million from Thursday evening previews, taking the title from Star Wars: The Force Awakens which was the leader at $57 Million. Early reports from Friday’s total puts it at $140 Million, ahead of Star Wars’s $119 Million and Infinity Wars $106 Million, making a $300 Million opening weekend possible.

Worldwide however, numbers are flowing in at a ridiculous rate with the potential of a BILLION in its opening 5 days.

China took in $107 Million on its opening day – a new record. Australia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia and Brazil also posted single day records.

Not to be outdone, we in the UK decided to embrace this film full throttle. $15.3 Million in one day – a new industry record. For comparison, this opening day total sits 86% higher than Infinity War’s debut, just a year ago.

More updates through the weekend as we get them. We are witnessing history in the making.