Despite the fact that the Marvel Netflix shows are ending, Season 3 of Jessica Jones is still to air and a recent Tweet from showrunner Melissa Rosenberg lead to a lot of speculation that the upcoming final season of the show would see the return of Killgrave, but now David Tennant himself has now confirmed that he will not be reprising the role.

The actor revealed that we wouldn’t be seeing Killgrave again, while promoting his new show Good Omens at South by Southwest, he also took some time to talk about the show’s recent cancellation.

“I don’t really regard it as a cancellation so much as something having the life that it should have,” said Tennant. “Three seasons of that story is great. Rather than thinking of it as something that was canceled, I think of it as something that had three seasons that will live in the memory.”

Kilgrave was initially killed off in the season 1 finale of Jessica Jones, but sort of returned in season 2 as a part of Jessica’s subconscious – though Jones did seem to have exorcised that particular demon by the end of S2 so another comeback wouldn’t really have made much sense anyway.

It’s a shame that he won’t return, despite the horrid things the character has done, he was played brilliantly by Tennant and I feel his absence will be a huge detriment to the show that’s bound to have trouble attracting an audience. A sad end to what was once one of the brightest points in this Marvel/Netflix project.