Release – 14th June 2019

Ok, its 2018 and you know what? This title offends me because it assumes that men…. wait, wait, wait… you are not here for that.. you are here to see the trailer, aren’t you?? GOOD!

Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson are reunited from their Thor Ragnarok triumph for another galactic movie (though set on earth, I assume for the whole film) as Agents H&M which I guess has nothing to do with the clothing store…

Hemsworth in particular has found his stride in the comedy-action world and looks like we may get a few good laughs from him – he was easily the best thing about the Ghostbusters reboot and had me laughing on a few occasions during that film (yes I know, impressive)

Tessa Thompson is our Will Smith this time around, though slight quirk being that she has spent ages looking for the organisation rather than being brought into it. We also get to see Liam Neeson who for the purposes of this film seems closer to the Tommy Lee Jones role from the first.

One minor gripe… POLICE sunglasses instead of RAY-BANS??.. the horror..

Stand Out Moment – probably flipping the wing mirror or pulling out the rear bumper to see the cache of guns – a nice link into the original films.