Afternoon all,

The US Box office figures for Memorial Day weekend were out yesterday and it was a tale of two stories for the new releases. Of all the blockbuster films released this year I was convinced that the newest Pirates of the Caribbean film would get off to a slow start and not fare great worldwide, however opening weekend has put that thought to bed.

pirates 5

Whilst the worst opening for the Pirates franchise since the original film back in 2003 the Johnny Depp led sea epic took $77 Million over the four day weekend in the US and a further $208.4 Million worldwide. The film was estimated to have a production budget of around $230 Million so the execs are pleased that the film got off to a half decent start.

Baywatch, however, sunk…. (yes, ill try to get some ship/pirates puns in here..)

The Rock, usually box office gold, couldn’t even help Baywatch from a critical hammering and bad start to its cinematic run. Opening with $23 Million over its four day weekend it couldn’t beat out Guardians of the Galaxy 2’s fourth weekend.. yes.. FOURTH.

Traditionally the end of May weekend in the states produces a large boost to cinema numbers and box office totals so the sub par performance of Baywatch, King Arthur and Aliens Covenant, alongside Pirates inability to break $100 million led to the weekend taking its lowest totals in 18 years.


Steve (#itsSteve)