Day 1

It’s December and that can mean only one thing – you’re already sick of Christmas music. However, Christmas music isn’t the only thing you can listen to over the festive period. Over the next 25 days, we will present you with a selection of our favourite podcasts to help people discover the rich variety of content available out there.

Day 1 belongs to our friends and brilliant podcasters The Filmmakers Podcast. If you listen to the Fair City Podcast, you’ll have heard us mention these guys on several occasions and we even had Giles on as a guest on episode 5.

The Filmmakers Podcast is all about film making. From studio films to micro budget films and everything in between.

Having only just started in mid-2017, the podcast has gone from strength to strength mostly down to it’s regular hosts. Giles appears on every episode and is always joined by Dan, Christian and/or Andrew. The chemistry between the hosts is enjoyable and genuine and the guests that appear only help strengthen the credibility of the podcast. These guests include Mark Strong (Episode 19), Scott Adkins (Episode 67) and Joey Ansah (Episode 35 and Episode 36) as well as many more. 

The guests aren’t the only good point about this podcast, the passion isn’t just film making, it’s indie film making. Over the course of their 85 episodes, they’ve introduced listeners to lots of great indie gems such as This Way Out and keep us informed of their own projects along the way.

The review we submitted on iTunes

As I said in the above review, I’d thoroughly recommend this podcast to anyone who loves movies, not just for what’s on the screen, but for everything behind it too.

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Come back tomorrow for day two of our Podcast Advent. And if you do check out this podcast, make sure to say hi to them!