Day 14

Day 14 of our Podcast Advent belongs to our ultra-productive Brit Pod Scene buddy Steve from Sharp – The Podcast

Sharp focusses on making you more productive in life, either through managing your time better, cutting out the unnecessary thing or how to get yourself out of a rut. Steve spends a lot of time pulling resources together, either from books, news reports, conferences, lectures etc to provide you with a one-stop shop for that blockage in your life. 

Fed up with ‘dusty’ ‘old’ ‘boring’ self development podcasts? Then you need SHARP! We help you get better at the stuff you have to do, freeing up more time to spend on the things you want to do

This podcast is definitely worth your time as Steve is naturally engaging and will mix in audio from other sources seamlessly to enforce his points – the audio production on this podcast is top quality. You feel like you’re being advised by a friend rather than spoken at by a lecturer and can’t help but feel motivated at the end of it.

Go on, give “Episode 49 – Do Better Meetings” a try

Sharp – The Podcast
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If you’re looking to improve your outlook and productivity, either in life or in your job, this is definitely the podcast for you. You can subscribe to the podcast here.