Day 16

We’re fast approaching the big day and we still have a butt tonne of podcasts to recommend. Day 16 is here however, and with it comes another of my personal favourites – Jaret Goes To The Movies

As you can probably guess, this podcast is about a man named Jaret, who has seen movies and wants to talk about them. Jaret is joined by his friend Rich and his wife Casey to discuss the movies as well as frequently featuring guests such as Kelly Ogden of the Dollyrots as well as friends of the trio (not enough Autumn however, needs more)

Weekly movie review podcast by Jaret Reddick (Bowling for Soup, People on Vacation, Jarinus) and Rich Coleman

Each episode has a loose structure that they follow, interspersed with plenty of tangents and hilarious banter. The segments on the episodes include shout outs and thanks to patrons, a 5 question patron vs patron quiz (maybe one day I’ll be able to afford to join their patreon site and take part) and my personal favourite, the Rich-ter Scale. I know, I know, a segment where a man rates film stars based on a breakdown of their physical appearance is “so not 2018,” but I’m not someone looking for the slightest reason to take offence, it’s hilarious, intended as a bit of fun and Rich delivers it brilliantly – the many women on the show join in without hesitation and are sometimes even more critical! They also play clips from the movies and discuss their initial reactions to the scenes as well as critiquing it. This helps the listener to place what they’re talking about without them having to spend a long time explaining it. 

Jaret recording the Jaret Goes to the Movies bumper for the FC Podcast

A personal highlight of this show is the Tucker & Dale vs Evil episode with a double Rich-ter Scale, a discussion about a movie I love (if someone said to me “Go pick a movie to watch with Jaret, it would be high on my list) and hilarious tales from Autumn and Casey’s younger days.

Jaret Goes To The Movies has everything you’d want from an informal movie review podcast and is definitely worth adding to your list (as well as Rock Star Dad Show!) 

Less than 10 sleeps to go!!!

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