Day 18

On Day 18th of Christmas, my brother gave to me, a review of a podcast for ye.

Maybe lyrics isn’t my thing…

Here we are, day 18, and with it brings the 18th podcast recommendation we’ve made this month. This time, it’s the turn of The Wrap Chat Podcast. As Ian has recommended it, I asked him to write a few words:

Ian says:

An excellent movie podcast started around 2 years ago. Join Scottish actors and college lecturers Ian Grieve and Gregor Duncan as they discuss the current cinematic climate and review films they’ve recently watched, ranging from cinematic classics to the current releases.

The random ramblings of two middle-aged men in possession of their own hair, teeth and an unlimited cinema card. 

A regular segment on the show is the Temple of Boom (their take on a movie Hall of Fame) where listeners have to nominate a movie and give reasons why it deserved to be included. A great segment for listeners to hear whether the guys agree with them or not and why their film should be inducted or canned.

The Wrap Chat – Episode 16

Often hilarious and educational, I thoroughly recommend this podcast to all film fans out there looking for something new to check out.

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