Day 2

Another Day, another Podcast. This time up it is Theme Park Films. The Movie review podcast market is a tough nut to crack with hundreds out there to listen to, roll up Theme Park Films which brings an interesting slant to their reviews by only being allowed on their podcasts if the film in question has had a Theme Park Ride made or named after it.

Hosts Carla and Holly are engaging and bounce off each other nicely throughout and I love movie reviews where the hosts don’t mind taking the pee out of the film as they do on several occasions. Sarcasm is rife throughout and as an added bonus the episodes are clean with any expletives bleeped out (great for listening around the house)

A recent episode I listened to was The Lion King, and is a snappy take on the film (plus the interesting facts on what rides and shows were around the world based on the film). The constant ribbing of Simba being stupid was hilarious.

Holiday specials get a rare break from the core “has to be tied to a ride” rule and the Halloween special was on Mean Girls (tenious link due to the Halloween Party scene in the middle of the film) Confession time, Steve did indeed see in the New Year watching this a while ago (guessing 2004 or 2005..)

If you are not sure where to start I would recommend Episode 50 as a great place to go as you get snippits of all the films they have reviewed up to that point.

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