Day 21

We’re in the home straight now, only a handful of recommendations left. Behind the metaphorical “door” of Day 21 is the Extraordinary Stories Podcast. ESP is run by Barry Henderson and is a podcast that tells real stories about real people that you just couldn’t make up.

Join Barry as he walks you through another crazy story.
Sometimes murder, sometimes sex, survivors, liars and cheats.
Stories of incredible people and incredible situations.

Barry is a fantastic, natural sounding host – it genuinely sounds like you’re sitting with him in a room listening to him tell you these tales and you simply can’t help but smile and laugh along with him (when appropriate!) A great little feature of the story-telling is when Barry adds in his own dialogue to the situation which reinforces the story and brings the people in it to life even more. There is occasionally background music used in the podcast, but it is not distracting and actually adds to the dramatic moments in the stories.

ESP Episode 79 – Money Can’t Buy Me Love

This is a nice, relaxed podcast and is very popular with the listeners. They support through patreon and interact on the Facebook page which is very active and a great space for people to enjoy and discuss the show together. Treat yourself this Christmas with this free podcast, you won’t regret it.