Day 3

Day 3’s podcast selection is Pilots and Petards. This podcast has a very clear and simple mission; to find the best and the worst pilot episodes of TV shows. So, to do that, they watch many Pilot episodes across a number of different genres and, after reviewing them and analyzing their impact, decide whether to “Hoist” or “Not to Hoist”

Drew, Jimbo and Mo (like most people) have their own opinions and strengths but they compliment each other nicely. The banter between them flows nicely and when they start talking “shop” it’s easy to follow and, even when you might disagree with an opinion, often very well argued. They’ve featured a number of guests who’ve added their own touch to the episodes they’ve featured on. 

The research that’s carried out and the obvious love of their product are just a couple of the reasons why i enjoy this podcast so much. The growth in their ability and confidence is notable but even in the early episodes the great format they’ve brought in works really well for them! Naturally i’d say start at the start, that seems obvious but two real high points would be #15 Breaking Bad and #2 Buffy the Vampire Slayer….Even though i personally disagree and would put them the opposite way around 😛