Day 4

Day 4 of our podcast advent turns it’s attention to The Celine Dion Podcast. Unsurprisingly, this is a great podcast for fans of Celine Dion, and in fact is the only one out there (good job it’s not rubbish!)

Shaun does a great job of gathering up all the news that has happened since the last episode, summarising it and mixing the podcast to sound like a talk radio show. You get a mix of news, rare and live performances and archive audio as well. You can hear him talking about the podcast on episode 4 of the Fair City Podcast.

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While I’m not a Celine fan, I do enjoy listening to this for Shaun’s unlimited enthusiasm and natural talent for engaging the listener. If you are a Celine Dion fan or just looking for ideas for your own podcast, this one is definitely one to listen to.

Note: The Celine Dion Podcast is not on iTunes but feel free to visit the SoundCloud page to show your love