Day 5

I Love Movies. No denying that the most amount of entertainment time spent in my life up until now has been watching and re-watching Movies, so, when @dstobbie recommended I go listen to a film podcast six months ago I didn’t hesitate..

I looked at the titles of what they have reviewed..Showgirls, Critters, Barb Wire, GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra, Rollerball and even Killer Klowns from Outer Space… I was taken aback by the strange choices… then I did a double take on the title and it all made sense….

Nathan and Brendan discuss bad/questionable movies while trying to keep their sanity in tact.

Listening to Nathan and Brendan blow these films apart is amazing. Ruthlessly dissecting the films, their stupid plot points, the horrible acting and finally asking the listeners “What Were They Thinking?” as the show closes is everything I want from a podcast..

About 16 episodes in they bring in a new feature where they take “listeners Choice” , for their sins I imagine, and another 8 episodes later a “Mailbag” show is introduced where rather than going through another hopelessly created film they answer listeners questions. This helps bring an interesting bit of variety rather than just film after film.

I jumped around a bit listening to these rather than starting from the beginning, but hope to get back through the catalogue soon, which interestingly starts at episode 3… I wonder what happened to the first two?

With 96 episodes (at the time or writing) there is plenty to get through.

Go and check them out here.