Day 7

Day 7’s Podcast was my first experience of a true crime podcast and I was hooked instantly. We already discussed it before in episode 10,  it is the brilliant Which Murderer? podcast.

The podcasts is hosted by Holly and Gemma with technical help by Producer Craig. It covers a wide variety of murderers and serial killers with one underlying question to be addressed in each episode – which of the ways discussed would you prefer to die?

Covering two crimes per episode they debate from the victim’s perspective which murderer they would pick to kill them if they HAD to choose

The girls work hard to make people know that they don’t actually plan on being murdered, or support murder in any way, and the fun of the podcast is that it just sounds like two friends chatting. They’ve also helped me be able to contribute to conversations Chen and Jim (from A Bloody Mess Podcast) have had without sounding like a moron, so it’s clearly very educational as well.

I would definitely recommend this podcast to anyone who likes their True Crime podcasts (sorry Chen, I do recommend you too!) 

Which Murderer?
is part of 
Brit Pod Scene 
an independent collection of uniquely British podcasts

This episode was inspired by Paul’s misunderstanding of the podcast’s title when we discussed it

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