Day 9

In 1994 my school class, and the world, was taken over by the TV Show F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (I’ll be there for you… cant help but for that song to be stuck in your head) Ryan and Dan decided earlier this year to go back through them from the beginning – all 10 seasons!

Two old friends gather weekly to watch an episode of the seminal nineties/noughties sitcom “Friends” and find it both weirder and more interesting than they remember

Having been introduced to this through the BritPodScene webpage I thought I would give it a listen and see what they chatted about which turned out to be an excellent choice… These two are amazing at picking apart each episode and highlighting all the things that didn’t make sense.

From errors like the flat being supposedly high due to the balcony (and its ever changing landscape in the early episodes) but Joey only needing 97 steps to get down to Central Perk, to Gunther Watch and the quest to get in contact with someone from the show the early episodes are thoroughly entertaining and I cannot wait to go through the rest of the catalogue to find out what happens.

Ryan and Dan have a hilarious take on life and their own tangents from French McDonalds to Paintball are just as entertaining as the dissection of the show 24 years later…

I thoroughly recommend this podcast, and in the mean time head over here to listen to them.

Argh… that song…