Season 4 is here, and this time the lads are laying off Anti-Science for a bit

Welcome to The Science of Fiction – At The Movies season.

Dr Forgan returns, dragging Stu and Stobbie along with him!

The guys decided to look at the science behind their favourite bad movies this season, but with last week’s announcement about evidence of life on Venus, they quickly turned to looking at Aliens! (Yes, the second one). Be warned, Stu came prepared with notes…

How does one survive hyper-sleep for 57 years? What stops Xenomorphs from melting from the inside out? Is this film really worth all the hype? Is Bishop a synthezoid?

All of this plus much more in the first of a two-parter on Aliens.

Do you agree with the guys? Have they stayed frosty or is it game over man? Get in touch at or find us on the socials
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