Trekkies may want to stop reading now..

The remake series which had originally received a lot of praise with JJ Abrahams rebirth film before lukewarm responses to the second and third instalments looks like it is now officially over.

Heavily rumoured to be bringing Chris Hemsworth back as Kirks dad (possibly in some time travel event) talks between Hemsworth and the studio eventually broke down.. not long after that rumours were that Chris Pine had also decided not to return due to a pay dispute..

The final nail in the coffin is S.J.Clarkson being brought in as director and producer of the Game of Thrones prequel series. Having been attached to direct this for a while she was recruited to HBO after “she became available”.. now this is interesting as it seems to suggest that the only reason she would have a gap in the schedule would be if Star Trek 4 was canned…

I quite enjoyed the 3 films so was keen to see where they went next with it. I suppose I will just have to stick with Star Trek: Discovery when it returns to Netflix.