Back in 2017 I threw some thoughts down for an article on how the goalposts for Hollywood might have moved through the years. Interestingly on the Fair City Podcast Network Christmas night out this topic came up again where we had an interesting discussion on whether we thought Studios were cancelling franchises if the first film fails to get near this magical number..

Warcraft was one of the movies in discussion – with a box office take of $433 Million it certainly had turned a profit, but two and a half years later we are still yet to see any rumblings of a follow up – is the franchise dead? Has the studio given up on it already?

Looking through the original article below it still rings true that the new major milestone in cinema is now $2 Billion. Avengers : Infinity War joined the exclusive club last year and I would think Endgame is likely to hit that mark too.

Alterations from that article include The Dark Knight now sitting at 36 in the All time list and at the pace it is going this will drop out of the top 50 films by 2022. Madness back when it came out to think that 10 years after it came out it would not even be in the top 30..

2017 ended with four films joining the billion dollar club and there were a further four in 2018, with the potential of Aquaman hitting that number and joining the party.