Hot on the heels of Aquaman’s strong $750 Million dollar box office start and with 2019 drawing to a close I thought it was time to update the top 10 Movie franchises.

Point of note for his article. No inflationary adjustments were made. (I have no doubt that if it were, the list would look significantly different..)

Honourable mention before we start. Avatar. Still leading the all time box office total, it singlehandedly sits at 21st on the all time franchise totals list. If James Cameron ever gets round to releasing two, three and four at any point in the next decade I have no doubt that this series will crash into the top 10.

10. Batman – The DCEU is close after Aquaman, but not quite in the top 10 yet.. (it surely will be by the time Shazam comes out in a few months, if not from Aquamans full box office run when it completes..) In the mean time, totalling all the Batman Films together places this franchise in the top 10. With the series in limbo it is up to the animated features to add to this total for now, like 2018’s Batman Ninja before we finally get a confirmed recasting and the next Live Action Bats…

TOTAL BOX OFFICE – $4,571,340,284

9. Spider-Man – With the Andrew Garfield series stopped in favour of bringing Spidey into the MCU, and subsequent release of Spiderman Homecoming, this series has moved up into the top 10. This years Far From Home will build on the box office which should keep it in the top 10 for a while yet.

TOTAL BOX OFFICE – $4,858,634,764