Sad news fellow Westworld fans, but we will not be returning to the park this year.

Alongside news of Lena Waithe joining the cast came the reveal that Season 3 will air “Sometime in 2020”. I had thought the 18 month break between seasons 1 and 2 was a one off, in part waiting to see how reaction was to Season 1, but from then set down to an annual cycle, but no such luck. Depending on how late into 2020 it arrives it could be nearly two years since we seen Delores heading off into the real world, something that I am most looking forward to in the upcoming season.

Recently showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy were recruited by Amazon to develop new original content for their Prime service signing a deal in the low nine figure range (yes, $100 Million minimum..) but they have committed to keeping Westworld going as long as HBO keep commissioning new seasons.