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Day 16

Day 16 of the Podcast Advent is here – who’s it going to be?

Day 15

Day 15

At surface level this looks like just another pop culture podcast but is actually quite a deep dive into the specifics of what makes pop culture. What We Talk About When We Talk About is hosted by Alex, Emily and Levi and they each help draw the best out of each...

Day 14

See what’s behind door 14 of our Podcast Advent

– Day 13

– Day 13

Do you like films and music? Well don't I have the podcast for you. Welcome to Hollie Irvine's take-over of the FCPN advent with day (and lucky no!) 13. Now let me tell you all about Edith Bowman's weekly podcast Soundtracking - shock horror this is my...

Day 12

Find out who’s our day 12 recommendation.

Day 10

Day 10

No matter what aspect of the Pokémon phenomenon you love The Safari Zone has you covered! They cover everything from the original games and the anime, to the latest releases and spin offs. The three hosts Ash (I know, right?), Maggie and Peter balance each other...

Day 9

In 1994 my school class, and the world, was taken over by the TV Show F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (I’ll be there for you… cant help but for that song to be stuck in your head) Ryan and Dan decided earlier this year to go back through them from the beginning – all 10 seasons!...

Day 7

It’s Day 7 of our Podcast Advent

Day 8

Lindsey Pelas, supermodel extraordinaire, Instagram Royalty. Releasing her podcast in  May 2018 I was lucky enough to get in early and was listening from episode 3 which, in a rare break from tradition, meant I had hardly any back catalogue to work through…(those...

Day 6

Day 6

Ever find yourself wondering about what would happen if two characters from different fandoms fought in a chance encounter? Well, #WhoWouldWinShow is for you! Jay and James argue across several rounds to decide who would win and there's been some absolutely fantastic...